Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quick Weight Loss and Burning Fat

Oftentimes people use quick weight loss diets to help them lose a few pounds in order to fit into a certain outfit or to help them have a better self-image. It may seem like everyone is on some kind of quick weight loss diet, but they aren't always a good idea. Before embarking on any diet, you should be sure to consult your physician.

Quick weight loss diets are hardly new. However, dramatic change in diet and nurishment can be put stress on your body. A quick weight loss diet lasting longer than a week is not recommended for anyone.

Every quick weight loss diet is created for short term use, and isn't supposed to be used for a lifestyle change. You might think that you're doing great and feeling good, but after about two weeks your body will adapt to the new diet and you will no longer lose weight at such a rapid rate. You'll still lose some weight but it isn't healthy in the long term.

Your body will begin to shut down and start entering starvation mode if you stop eating. As a consequence of this, you will find losing weight to be extremely challenging. Therefore, while it is tempting to drastically limit your intake when dieting, it will not result in long term weight loss and is the reason why these types of quick weight loss diets are only able to be used for a short duration of time.

It's not wise to start eating everything in site after getting results through your quick weight loss diet. Perhaps that would be a large mistake. Now is the time to begin eating healthy and balanced meals so that your new healthy weight is maintained. Remember that hydration is also a key factor. Staying hydrated is also crucial; hunger pangs can sometimes be quelled by drinking water.

Take it easy on yourself physically after you are done dieting. Remember that your body has recently adjusted to one dietary change and now must adjust again. Changing your diet can cause stress to your body, so it is important that you give your body a chance to get used to the changes. The adjustment to the recommended intake of calories for your body size should be a gradual one. In this way, you will become accustomed to eating healthily for life, so that you will not have to revert to yo-yo dieting.

A quick weight loss diet can be a smart way to lose a few pounds quickly when you start a weight loss program. Adding moderate exercise helps you see results even faster. Even with these quick weight loss diets, you will still need adequate nutrition.

Bart R