Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Best Fat Loss Tips...

Real fat loss tips

Successful and permanent fat loss is something most of us make much too complex. Fat loss is all mathematical. It’s slightly than this depending on your body type, age, and personal habits, but generally speaking, one pound of fat stores around 3500 calories. Calories are units of energy. If you’re inactive, it takes a long time to use up calories because little energy is being expended. Calories only come in as food and drink. Less energy coming in, combined with more energy going out as activity, creates successful fat loss. All math, all cause and effect.

I watched a cable TV documentary where a man lost fourteen pounds in around 12 hours. How? He swam across the English Channel. While not one of the most useful fat loss tips for most of us, it serves as a perfect example. Since he didn’t eat while swimming, his body had no choice but to use fat stores for energy- muscle and organ mass are affected slightly. Calories burned as energy depends on the person and the activity. In his case, around 49,000 calories of energy were consumed from fat in 12 hours.

That’s how basic fat loss and fat gain is. It’s totally in the math. However, not taking an honest look at the cause and effect of this math will make easy fat loss nearly impossible. Not being honest when it comes to what we eat- and how active we are- is where too many of us set ourselves up for failure before even beginning.

So my number one successful fat loss tip: Take a real honest look at what you eat and how active you are. You can’t fix a problem you refuse to see. All the free fat loss tips in the world can’t help without a honest lookat things.

My next most helpful fat loss tip is to eat natural food. Junk food is simply not what your body was designed to use. Highly processed foods make it even more difficut for your body to use the fat you have stored for fuel.

By the way, these real fat loss tips apply to men or women.

Next helpful fat loss tip; get moving. Just like the guy that swam the channel, your body burns fat much faster when it’s being physically challenged. If I had to pick my most effective fat loss tip, it would be this: Do a quick 20 minute cardio workout first thing in the morning on a empty stomach. Then wait about an one hour before you eat. Then for your first meal, eat nothing but protein- like eggs or a protein shake- for breakfast.

Do you understand why this fat loss tip works so well? You wake up with no fuel in your body, so when you get active, your body has no choice but to burn body fat for fuel.

My last "fat loss explained" example is this: Take action. You can know every honest fat loss tip in the universe, but it won’t do you one tiny bit of good until you get started doing something. This is very personal, but I would go about this one little step at a time. Trying to change all your habits at once, while possible, can be very challenging. The real key to successful and permanent fat loss is learning what works for you- and then to never stop making progress in the right direction.

Unfourtunatly, you can't take short cuts. Fat loss only works ONE WAY. You must burn off more calories than you consume. I hope to have exposed some fat loss myths. I have other free fat loss, diet, and fitness articles on my New Body New Life blog.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Do Quick Weight Loss Diets Exist?

master cleanse secrets 10 day

Have you become a victim of the disease of the new millenia? Has being overweight taken over your life, so much so, that your family and friends think you prefer food to them?

Does being overweight make you paranoid around your colleagues? Then you need to reclaim your life by shedding that extra flab! There are numerous options available to help you tone yourself and burn body fat, but they may confuse and baffle you, unless you do thorough research.

First of all, you may visit the various websites and check out the fitness regimes prescribed by them. Don't forget to talk with a health professional first and get your body measurements done. This will be useful in deciding what sort of exercise pattern or diet will be suited for your purpose. Get to know the type of body you have...

Is there something wrong with you genetically? Are you prone to gaining weight quite easily? Some medical tests would surely be a great help before you plunge into a new diet or get into the groove of a strenuous exercise regime.

Have you noticed how the number of overweight people is multiplying at an astronomical rate with every year that passes? What is the main cause of it? An inactive lifestyle plus an extremely unhealthy diet, has resulted in this worldwide problem.

To cope with this problem, several health clubs and spas offer various kinds of quick weight loss diets. These diets can also be found on the internet but they are not free of charge. So before you invest your hard earned money on it, we recommend that you check out all the list of low carb foods that are available on the internet, what do they comprise of, do you have the body to carry off such a diet, does it pack in the energy needed for your day to day activities, etc.

Not all diets are right for everyone, so instead of being ignorant and buying a useless product, select something that will pay off in the long run. Read up the reviews and customer testimonials on these health products, and check to see whether they have any side effects or not.

Discuss with a doctor whether this health product would be of any benefit to you or is more harmful than good.

Have you questioned yourself about what type of calorie intake would be suitable for a person of your bone mass ratio? Is this sounding strange to you? Don't panic, these trivial issues can always be sorted out on the internet. Some websites offer assistance regarding recipes for various healthy diets (high in fiber, low calorie), weight training equipment, exercises, cardiovascular, health capsules, protein supplements, herbal fat-burning medicines and others.

The obvious question that strikes us, is, whether there is a genuinely good quick weight loss program at all.

You must understand that the process of burning fat and keeping the weight off is not an overnight one. It takes time, so on your part, you need to be motivated enough to adhere to your weight loss program over the months and years.

Your motivation to remain fit will make all the difference.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Key motivators and natural weight loss

How to motivate yourself to lose weight safely and permanently

Losing weight is just like getting rich. There’s only one real way to do it that works. However, there are very many ways to go about that one way. To get rich, you have make more money than you spend. And there’s countless ways to do that. To lose weight permanently, you have burn more calories than you consume. And there’s many, many ways to do that too.

Remember, commerical diets don't work. So why is motivation the true key to safe and natural weight loss? Because it simply doesn't matter how you go about losing weight. All that matters most is that you find the motivation to lose weight that works for you.

It does not matter what your personal motivation is for safe and effective weight loss is. It can be something very simple like just wanting to live longer and feel better about yourself. It may take something more intense like taught weight loss visualization techniques. When the right weight loss motivation is found, you’ll have the strength to lose weight- no matter which way you decide to go about it.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how you create a daily calorie deficit- as long as you go about in a safe and healthy fashion. You can eat more natural foods and walk more often. You can train for a marathon and give up processed foods. As long you can motivate yourself to lose weight, it doesn't matter exactly how the fat comes off.

My best advise is this: Don’t count on something you’ve bought to give you any special motivation to lose weight. A new treadmill isn’t going to inspire you to lose weight. You want to find the right motivation for weight loss first. Once you discover the right weight loss motivators for you, doing whatever; walking, running, treadmill, etc. is a lot easier. It’s easier use the correct weight loss "tool" because the right motivation is already there.

So before you begin a weight loss transformation, I would urge you to do some soul searching and discover your key motivators for weight loss. Again, it doesn't really matter what they are. All that matters is that they are strong enough motivators for you. The most challanging time in weight loss is the first several weeks. That’s when you’re trying to break your old weight gain habits.

It takes some powerful motivational thoughts to not give up on your safe weight loss goal during this time. The good news is, as long as you maintain your personal motivations to naturally lose weight, it soon becomes much easier. You just need to be prepared not to give up during those first critical few weeks. So have those personal motivatiors lined up. And above all esle, don't give up. It will get easier. Very quickly you'll forget about how hard it felt. You'll be too busy enjoying your new body and life.

Lose Fat Fast By Eating Slowly

Believe it or not, the rate at which you go at your food can really make some difference to your body weight. If you would like lose excess fat you should take note of this fact.

Feeling full in reality takes less food if you take your time when eating. To follow are a few ways to get you to eat more slowly and more importantly eating less.

Make sure to chew the food further before you swallow it. The extra seconds that it takes you to chew also helps you to feel more satisfied without having to have such a big amount. This will also assit with the digestion of the food.

Swallow the mouthful you are chewing before preparing another. An easy way to do this is to rest your fork on your dish and wait until you complete eating your current mouthful. It's is a great tactic to lose abdominal fat because it demonstrates 50% of the problem is psychological.

You can stop the habit of eating too much, from eating too fast. If you examine the way that French people in particular eat on the whole, you would notice that as well as having smaller meal portions they take a lot longer to eating their food. So they remain slim from a combination of things.

Also, Europeans eat their food with the entire family a lot of the time. The family together converse more and this acts in slowing down the pace. As an extra this is also beneficial for holding the family unit together.

You will discover that as soon as you start to eat a little less quickly you will in fact begin to enjoy the meals far more. You have more chance to actually taste your food.

It's extremely easy to have too much as the body is slow to react and to tell you it has had enough. A lot of people think they are still empty, although they aren't. Just eat until you feel comfortable not until you are full to the top.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Help to Lose Weight

Help with weight loss

The first thing I want you to know is this: I failed to lose weight more than times over thirty years. Sometimes I would succeed when I was determined to lose weight for about two days.  A few times I was could lose weight for about twelve weeks months- without any special help.

However, at age 50, I finally got it down. Now I’m going to tell you how to lose all the weight you want with out the help of useless diet products. So no diet herbs or skin patches allowed.

First I share what you need to do, then I tell the most important part: How to permanently lose weight with no help from gaint weight loss companies.

Step: 1 Get honest. You must honestly recognize the habits you need to fix. If you refuse to recognize them, you can’t change them. I know this sounds simple, but you'd be amazed at how many of us wreck our futures by refusing to take this honest look at what we do every day when it comes to the care of our precious health.

Step 2: Don't eat processed foods. You never put anything in a auto you’re going to get rid of someday besides gasoline because you know you’d ruin it. Then why would you put things in your ONE AND ONLY body it was never designed to use for fuel?

Step 3: Get moving. What's the number one factor in longevity? Aerobic capacity. Your heart and lungs really need to be challenged. The same goes for your skeletal muscles. Your body ages much faster without use. You will rust out long before you will wear out.

Step 4: Take some kind of positive and healthy action. You have to get started doing something right NOW. It does not matter what it is. A little something is always better than nothing. Nothing is your greatest enemy on earth. Nothing will take away everything, faster than anything.

Action is the real key. Taking action will reveal where you need to improve things. It takes one main thing to have a personal weight loss success story: Changing unhealthy habits over to healthy ones. Nothing else works. This is why diet products don't work and never will: Even if they are for "real" they don't help you change your habits permanently. They are doing the weight loss work for you.

Don't make this more complicated than necessary. To succeed, you need to eat right and challenge yourself physically. I repeat, it all about changing the poor habits that make you gain weight over to healthy habits that are PROVEN to make you lose it.

Here's my most useful tip to help you lose weight: You must have a thought in reserve that is more powerful than the unhealthy habit that is tempting you. It doesn't matter what that thought is, all that's important is that it works for you. It could be something as simple as thinking you want to be around to see your grand-babies. Let me repeat, it just has to be a thought [or thoughts] that are powerful enough for you.

Maybe you can find a motivational weight loss story that has meaning to you. Other helpful weight loss stories might hold just the thought you need. Inspirational weight loss stories are easy to find.

When I took the time to learn what would help me lose weight, it transformed my life and future. As much as I hate to admit it, I got fat and lazy. Now, when most people see my picture, they think it's fake! They just can't believe a fifty year has a body that looks 25. The truth is, I didn't do one special thing to help me lose all the weight I wanted.

All I did was find some thoughts that were more powerful that my old habits. Then every day, I ate right and exercised. In a few short months, I felt just like I did when I was in my twenties. It really wasn't hard or complicated. I never went hungry or deprived myself. My first step was giving up the unhealthy junk food. Then I started a sensible exercise plan.

Successful weight loss is 99% mental. All you need to do is find a motivator that is powerful enough for you- and then take action. Do not buy anything specail to help you lose weight. Fads and diets do NOT help you lose weight- they only make it harder.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hot To Lose Weight Fast

Are you struggling with sustaining your target weight? Are you overweight or obese and having a difficult time knowing how to lose the weight? The path to your weight loss goals could be in figuring out how to have a positive approach to losing weight.

Phase 1 of building your positive mental attitude to dieting and losing weight is to make up your mind to achieve it. Only then, when you have decided you are going to achieve your ideal weight, it's critical to commit to what you really want to achieve with your weight loss. Managing your weight and losing weight in particular is very challenging for most of us. So many people give up before they hardly even get started. A huge number of people still embark on unhealthy and low calorie diets, pills, or quick weight loss diets programs and then discover that once they stop they gain it all back again and usually add more weight besides. Managing your weight is a way of life that works best when it is viewed with a positive attitude.

A quick note while I remember, one of the easy ways to lose weight (or get you off to a healthy start) involves some simple green tea weight loss tips. It is claimed that natural green tea can help kick start your weight loss program, and boost your health in the deal.

The real secrets to successful weight loss is understanding how your body works, learning from your mistakes, and backing from friends, family or support group because you will be making positive lifestyle changes that will support you in creating your new healthy eating habits and lifestyle resulting in your desired weight goal. Owing to the fact that learning how to lose weight is down to healthy eating habits, you could well suffer setbacks during your journey, your positive attitude will determine how long you stay down when you stumble.

Focusing on your goals means you'll naturally be more consistent, and much better results with regards to taking the small but daily steps towards your goals. If you expect success it will be inevitable but if doubt your ability to achieve your goals you're setting yourself up for failure. You know that regular exercise improves and strengthens your muscles, when you use your brain and emotions to stay positive the powerful emotions help strengthen your resolve and attitude meaning success will become a way of life for you in whatever you do.

Learn how to change negative thoughts into positive action. Work on building a positive and supportive self image and study different ways to acknowledge and stress your personal abilities and strengths.

There are other things to consider in losing weight as well as healthy eating, it is also about your lifestyle and how much sleep you get, drinking your 6 to 8 glasses of water each day and ensuring you get plenty of exercise. When you feel good about yourself you will naturally want to give yourself good things. The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of good health.

Being positive about your health and weight loss goes beyond just you; a positive support group will greatly enhance your experience and success rate. A support system can include family, friends, a weight management group, a health consultant and probably your doctor.

Think about how you're making your weight loss goal seem achievable. Determine the steps you can take to ensure you succeed. Are you ready to have a positive weight management or weight loss experience that will create a new and healthier life for you?

Online Diet Generators - Savior or a Scam

Over the last couple of years there have been a ton of online diet generators popping up around the web. Are they useful to help you lose weight?This is exactly the question we want to find the answer to.In this brief post we're going to look at how online diet generators work, exactly how difficult the programs are to follow, and what type of results you can expect to have.

Exactly What is an Online Diet Generator

The two popular types of online diet generators either help you follow a popular offline diet such as the Mediterranean diet, or they create a custom meal plan for you based on your input of foods you like to eat.

Examples would be eDiets which offers online diet plans for many popular diets including Atkins, Mediterranean, and Slim Fast. While a program that will generate a custom diet for you would Fat Loss 4 Idiots. You can read our detailed fat loss for idiots review here..

How difficult are they to Follow?

A key benefit to an online diet is that the facts, figures, and information you need is all available in just a few clicks of the mouse on the Internet.It's as simple as logging into the site and checking what you should be eating for dinner or grab a quick recipe for tonight's supper.

Today there are a lot of Internet savvy folks, so using an online diet generator is probably the simplest way to lose belly fat. Just don't let yourself get bogged down in the details of the diet, and be sure to take action.

What type of Results are Expected?

The differences between all types of diets end right here. Why? Because it takes discipline to succeed at any diet online or offline. The results you can expect to get are directly related to how closely you follow the program.

If you tend to take short cuts, or don't have the discipline to eat as your are supposed to on a particular diet then you will struggle with fat loss on any program. There is no substitute for discipline when it comes to weight loss.

Tips For Safe Weight Loss

Safe weight loss solution

I know this may sound somewhat annoying, but I lose fat kind of as a pastime. I’ve gotten so good at it, that sometimes I do it just for fun.

Now I want you to know I couldn’t always do this. I failed at safe weight loss for over thirty plus years. However, now that I know how easy it is to lose weight safely and naturally- once you know how- I’m packed full of safe weight loss success tips.

So here’s my top tips for safe weight loss:

To get off on the right foot, totally forget diet and weight loss pills and drugs. These are guaranteed to waste your effort when it comes to safe fat loss success. If you need proof, just look at the facts:  Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans are overweight or obese while spending 40 billion dollars annually on weight loss products.

What more proof do you need?

Sucesssful and safe weight loss is a skill you need to learn. It’s just like learning how to drive a car. It’s a little awkward at first, but once you go through the trial and error to learn how, weight loss success becomes simple- and you know how to safely keep weight off for the rest of your life.

Here's the true key to healthy and safe weight loss:

There is only ONE permanent and safe weight loss solution: You have to use more calories than you eat. NOTHING ELSE WILL EVER WORK. Anybody that tells you anything different is only out for your money. 

You most likely already knew that. Most people know what they need to do. So then why do so many people fail- no matter how many weight loss ideas, techniques, or secrets they hear about? They simply refuse to do what really works.

That brings us to the the real “secret” to safe and effective weight loss:

You have to change your habits from bad ones that are causing you to add weight over to better habits that make you to drop it. That's what you must do. However, that’s where almost everyone drops the ball. They either try fat loss short cuts that can’t work permanently- like diets, pills, patches, etc. Or they do what works, but they quit before their new fat loss habits have time to work permanently.

Healthy, natural, and safe weight loss can be made easy, IF we just take the time to learn what works for us when it comes to changing our habits. Remember, nothing else will work. So if you want to lose weight naturally and permanently, you need to learn how to do it the way it works for you. NOT the way it works for the fitness expert on TV. I finally lost all the weight I wanted at fifty years old. I am not an athlete. I never went hungry. You can see my results here. No, I didn't paste my head on someone eles's body.

Let me to give you one example. It took me three months to give up the habit of drinking soda. But since I was looking for a successful weight loss solution, I knew those colas had to go. So I had to work on fixing that habit. First I stopping keeping cola in the house. Then I cut back to smaller amounts when eating out. Then I said only two a week. Then I quit totally. Now, I can’t stand the taste of cola, it’s too sweet.

Do you see my safe and natural weight loss “secret?” I had to learn how to change that fat gain habit- drinking too much soda- over to a fat loss habit- drinking water or tea. This is why so many people fail at permeant fat loss. They refuse to change their weight gain habits. But this is what you need to do. A safe weight loss solution is in your habits, not in shortcuts you buy as pills or herbs.

Remember about 200 million people have already proven there are no short cuts or special secrets to safe weight loss. Don’t waste your time, money, and effort proving it again.

This ties right into my next safe and natural weight loss tip:

If a lack of activity is causing you to gain fat, you have to change that old habit over to a new habit that will cause you to lose weight. But don’t try something that’s so hard you won't stick with it. You can start out walking like I did. It doesn't matter what you do. There are hundreds of ways to successfully lose weight permanently. You just have to stick with what works until you develop your own safe weight loss solution.

I feel so much better that I wrote an ebook on how anyone can learn how to change their fat gain habits too. Since changing the habits is the key to permanent fat loss, there’s no calorie charts or workouts in my book. You can get free fat loss info anywhere. My safe weight loss solution is simple: Identify the bad habits, and one at a time, change them to the good habits that I spell out in four steps. It works because it’s a simple and permanent fat loss solution. And simple is easy. 

I call it getting a new body and new life. The goods news is, it works for everyone. All you need is the desire to change. Check it out, and get started on your new body and new life today. I promise you that making the effort to change those weight gain habits will take your life places you never imagined.

How is the wedding day diet different?

It’s an unfortunate fact that we’re not all built like Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie but on the day we get married we should be as beautiful and attractive as we can possibly be. And if that means shedding a few pounds before the big day, then so be it. 

Now, your wedding may only be a short time away, maybe a few weeks or a couple of months. If that’s the case then you’re going to need to get a move on. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you have to lose 15 pounds. Now that’s quite a lot and you can be sure that if you did lose that much then it would make a hell of a difference to your figure.

How is the wedding day diet different?

In a normal diet plan, you'll probably be told to change your eating habits, take more exercise, drink loads of water, you know the sort of thing, you've heard it so often. The normal target for a weight loss plan of this type is typically in the range of 1.5 or 2 pounds per week. If you diet at that rate then there's no question that you would miss your target by miles. 

The wedding day diet however is a lot more aggressive and, if followed correctly, claims an average weight loss of about 10 pounds in 2 weeks. If you can maintain your motivation (what could provide you with more motivation than your wedding day?) if you really go for it you could shed all 15 pounds in 3 weeks.

And how does the wedding day diet work? Well I can’t give away too many secrets here but I can certainly reveal that one of its unique features is the STF Diet Generator. This is an amazing online tool that enables you to create meal plans based of the foods that you stipulate. There's no one telling you what you can and cannot eat. That's right, the diet generator will develop a personalised meal plan based on the foods that you want to eat. It puts you in firm control of your weight loss plan. And, with you in the driving seat you'll find it so much easier. This is a complete reversal of the conventional approach and is one of the keys to its remarkable success rate. Obvioulsy it's not going to handle daft suggestions - such as hot dogs, jello and burgers - but it will do its best to provide you with a diet that you actually WANT to eat.

The STF Diet Generator is just one of the innovative concepts included in the Strip  That Fat weight loss program and it is, without doubt, the best wedding day diet available. There are many diet clubs, plans, courses and networks that we all know about it. Some of them are well-respected name that have been around for a long time. But usually it's the same old tired info that has failed so many women in the past, repeatedly. This is probably the last opportunity you'll have to lose that weight for what is going to be the crowning glory of your life - have a look at this review of Strip That Fat and see if it's right for you. I am fairly certain that it can.

Weight loss Ideas

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Losing weight is a common goal for many people, but the majority who embark on this endeavor will fall short of their goals. Weight loss is not easy; it takes time and commitment to stick with a program long enough to see results. However, for those who are able to succeed, the dropped pounds can mean more energy, an improved self image and better health overall.

Some have found that a little extra help will give them the edge they need to overcome the challenge. For many dieters, that extra help comes in the form of a weight loss pill.


Whether you like the word or not the first thing that you need to do to start to change is to accept the word. Just because the traditional diet consisted of lettuce and carrot sticks, you must look past history and change your outlook. Successful strategies consist of multiple angle attack, meaning you do exercise, detox, cut fat and eat healthy. In many cases it will make an instant difference.


When adding an exercise program to your diet you need to know that it has to provide or more importantly take a bit of effort. While some exercise is better nothing, the real secret is to increase the heart beat and add a bit of effort to the breathing, so when walking make it brisk or even use a treadmill.

Exercise of the aerobic type are the best way to burn that fat, this will remove fat and get rid of flab together. While there are lots of different exercises the facts are you wont see any changes is reasonable amount of time unless you do exercises that make you work. While strength and flexibility work, nothing will show unless the fat starts moving.

Weight loss Supplements

Actually loosing weight is a simple calculation, take in less energy than you burn, for some people this is easy. But for most of us mere mortals it is to hard, and that where we need the help. A pill, something easy that will provide that little bit of added assistance to dull that troublesome appetite.

While there are many pills that burn fat or suppress appetite there are only a few that will actually do both. By combining fat burning and appetite suppressant in the same pill you get more bang for your buck, and the combination pills are great to meet goals and break barriers.

While getting down to a healthy weight or even a specific goal is difficult, by adding a little bit of pharmaceutical assistance may be just what the doctor ordered. Exercise and diet will help but what will happen if you add a little assistance throw in an appetite suppressant and fat burner bingo, your success is just around the corner.