Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What To Know About Proactol

Proactol appetite suppressant seems to have a multitude of reactions in the human body. It not only decreases hunger levels, but it also forces the body to lower cholesterol levels and the absorption rate of fat in the body.

When using Proactol, you will not only see your fat melt off, but you will also feel more energetic and active as a result. This just one of the POSITIVE side effects of consuming this supplement. If you want to know how to administer proactol and what to look out for at the same time, keep reading further.

You are not allowed to have more than 9 tablets a day which should be split up according to the number of your meals How much dosage you need depends on what you want to get from using it, lose fat or prevent putting on weight. If you want to lose weight, then 2 or 3 after a meal should be sufficient, unless you have really greasy meal

Proactol for the prevention of weight gain needs to be taken in a lower dosage: two tablets at the maximum after each meal. If you simply want to maintain your current weight, you should only go for 2 pills at maximum Although there are no side effects of any kind with Proactol, there are a few precautionary measures that you need to be aware of before starting the treatment. Proactol is suitable for the long-term usage, but its administration should not become permanent.

Even though it is recommended that you administer multivitamins along with Proactol, you should NOT take in any oil soluble vitamins for a minimum of 2 hours after taking in the appetite suppressant. If you experience any discomfort while administering this supplement, you are probably suffering from diabetes and the reaction of the supplement on the glucose levels is what causes the discomfort. If that is the case, you might have to adjust your dosage levels.

If you experience any kidney problems, avoid using Proactol pills on a consistent basis. Same goes for those taking anti cholesterol drugs since there may be interferences between the drug and the fat burning supplement.

All in all, though it enjoys a high level of body tolerance, Proactol raises some question marks when it comes to the safety of administration for people who suffer from other health conditions. To be on the safe side, you are better off consulting medical advise on taking such supplements. All the best.